François Morel

Mr François Morel was called at the Paris bar in january 1980. He co created the MCM law firm as a professional private company and has been its co manager and partner ever since.

Mr Morel is an expert in various areas of law especially ones relating to public and private companies and their surroundings. His experience allows him to intervene in cases involving every types of companies. His activities are mostly related to :

  • Civil and commercial contract law.
  • Company law.
  • Competition law.
  • Trademark and intelectual property law.

In all of the fields we invest in, we assist our client in order to put a strategy in practice while negotiating a contract or during pre contentious negotiations.

Generally, we favour the amiable arrangements of disputes. Indeed, we would rather our clients to keep a certain control over the settleing of the cases they are involved in. However, if an amicable arrangement turns out to be impossible, we are used to plead in any type of court.

In a nutshell, the intervention of our client is crucial for us in deciding what direction to give to the cases.

During our 30 years of practice we have gathered a great number of contacts such as counsel in various provinces of France, bailiffs, barristers pleading before the Supreme Court (Cour de cassation & Conseil d’Etat). Those are people we personnaly know, trust and we have been working together for a long time.

The synergy between the partners and their different fields of activity enables us to deal with all problems that companies and private individuals can be confronted to.

Patrick Chadel

Mr Patrick Chadel was called at the Paris bar in december 1989. He co created the MCM law firm in 1990 and has been its co manager and partner ever since.

For the last 20 years, Mr Patrick Chadel has been working in all fields involving labour law. He has accumulated a great experience and is an expert in the areas mentionned thereafter.

Commitment and modification of the employment contract as well as managment of your employees:

Redaction and modification of the employments contracts and their amendments.
Management of the remuneration, bonuses and profit sharings
Organisation of the working hours, holidays, hours of training
Supervision of overtime hours, part time work and training policy of your company
Validation of the working conditions with the writing of rules of procedure or IT Charts for instance

Collective negotiation:

Organisation of the employees’ representation
Collective and trade union negotiations
Preparation and optimisation of the social consequences following reorganising and restructuring your company
Prevention of collective labour disputes

Breach of the employement contract :

Make settlement departure possible
Establishment of the terms of the departure
Advising in relation to individual and collective redundancies especially when it comes to protected workers
Intervention in contentious as well as procedural matters
Redundancy, assistance in the recognition of the breach of contract, judicial termination of the contract
Cases of harrassment and discrimination

Mr Patrick Chadel pleads before the conciliation board of employers and wages earners (Conseil des prud’hommes) and the Court of Appeal in all French territory including its overseas administrative departments.

Mr Chadel is particulary skilled in order to make sure that the procedure goes smoothly in the following cases :

Intervention in civil courts (Tribunal d’instance and Tribunal de Grande Instance)

Cases relating oto redundancy or the functionning of staff committees
Penal responsibility (offense of hinderance, hygiene and security/safety)
Collective procedures : professional elections, trade unions…


Intervention in the public social security court (Tribunal des affaires de Sécurité Sociale)

  1. Protestation against work injuries and occupation diseases
  2. Tax and social contributions recalls, correspondances with the labour inspectorate

Romuald Moisson

Mr Romuald Moisson was called at the Paris Bar in 1980.

He is a partner and a co manager of SCP MCM

Mr Moisson had a  business law degree initially  which enabled him to intervene in cases involving small businesses and individual undertakings. Mr Moisson teached law of obligations and of civil liability at the University of Paris XIII during four years.

He also spent five years at ESSEC teaching contract law and contractual liability.

He participated in the development of an IT support of legal education for students from ESSEC.

Mr Moisson is particulary involved in the following fields :

Civil law :

Law tort or contract (compensation after disaster or accident)
Family law (divorce, separation outside marriage, inheritance, filiation, joint property)
Contract law (insurance, sales, mandate, business contract, deposit, loan, transaction)
Real estate (residential leases, joint-ownership, acquisition, cession)

Mr Moisson treated thousand cases in front of several Tribunaux de Grande Instance, Tribunaux d'Instance et Cours d'Appel.
His experience of litigations allows him to implement the most appropriate solutions to the needs of its clients, whether on a amiable level or at the judicial level.

Criminal law :

General Criminal Law
Criminal Business Law
Criminal Labour Law

He is brought to defend indictees, but also victims of crimes, in the area of Paris and in the provinces, in all type of Courts (Juge de Proximité, Tribunal de Police, Tribunal Correctionnel, Cour d'Appel statuant en matière correctionnelle, Cour d'Assises).